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Exquisite Black Tie Wedding Details We Love!


Black tie weddings have always been loved and will forever remain timelessly appealing, and it’s easy to see why! As the elements of a black-tie wedding are devoid of any trendy additions which might prove to be dated in a decade, this wedding theme remains classically beautiful even when the wheels of time have had its course. It exudes pure elegance and class and has just the legroom to make space for any niche theme without it being overwhelming. If you want your wedding to be formal and timelessly chic, a black-tie wedding might be just what you want!

 If you are at sea over the ways to infuse those essential black tie details, we have you covered from all aspects of the wedding. Let’s class it up!

 Flowers: The flowers in a black-tie wedding are minimal in color but grand in its structure and display. Think along the lines of crystal vases and tall floral arrangements in white, ivory and blush pinks. Artful yet classy usage of foliage can give off just the right vibe without making it too busy. Opt for lighter shades and single-colored options while choosing the flowers for your wedding, as they provide a hint of elegance which your wedding photographer can capture forever. 

 Cake: The wedding cake is the strongest means of expressing and demonstrating your wedding theme. So this is where you can display your black-tie wedding vibe to the fullest. You can take it quite literally, by using classic lines and the contrasting shades of black, white and gold. Or you can push the edge by going for an all-black wedding cake with gold foil details or cute little black and white cupcakes and macaroons.

Outfits: The outfits to fit this theme is no struggle as the go-to wedding colors are a black tux for the groom and white or ivory dress for the bride in most cases, the primary colors in the color wheel for a black-tie wedding. However, it’s the other details like the bridesmaids and groomsmen outfits, the choice of jewelry and hairstyle which ties the look together. Add in a fuss-free hairdo, an elegant satin ribbon, or a pair of sheer heels to keep things clean and elegant.

 Decor: With black and white in the mix, there are as many opportunities as your imagination allows. Mix your table settings up with the perfect contrasts of white and black, guest cards with the fanciest fonts, and shiny silverware. The look can go from ‘dapper cool’ to ‘great gatsby’ and anything in between. Add a bit of drama with ample usage of black velvet ribbons, gold micro detailings and champagne towers.

 Lighting: The lighting in a black-tie wedding is mainly defined by sparkling crystal chandeliers. Candles are tall and majestic and come in diversifying tones of white, black or gold. Clear candleholders in varying heights add dimension to the decor. Tall black candlesticks in golden holders add a hint of glam and class without quite being goth, providing perfect wedding photography opportunities.

 If you had black-tie weddings pinned as an uppity, high brow, monochrome themed wedding, think again! There are so many different ways you can include black-tie touches at your wedding, and the effect can be the happy mix of clean and classy to current and approachable. In other words, a black-tie can be as varied and vivid as your imagination!


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